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Designed for Hobbiests, Builders and Start Ups

Save Time and Money

Build and Test is a costly practice. Computer modeling and analysis will reduce your costs by allowing you to visualize how different materials and layups will change the performance of your composite. Give yourself greater confidence in your new designs and prototypes.




Simple and easy to use CAD tools give you the ability to create your own ski/snowboard shapes. Change the sidecut and rocker/camber profile.

Core Shape

The most important part of your layup is the core. Small variations in the thickness profile of this piece will change the stiffness characteristics. Change the materials and thickness profile of the core to fine-tune your design.

Layup Stack

You have full control over your composite layup. Customize and visualize your layup. Try out new materials and evaluate its performance.


The most powerful part of PowderCAD is the stiffness profile analysis. Tweak your deigns and visualize the results without the time and cost of building a new prototype.

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